Sunday, 27 October 2013



2.How LogIn to WEBUI

3.Main Parts of WEBUI Page

4.First Look At Navigation Bar

5.Logical LInk

6.Introduction Business Role

7.Creating Business Role

8.Assigning Role to Users

9.Navigation Bar Configuration

10.Generic Step to Customize NAV BAR

11.Identifying the Logical Link

12.First Step in Customizing NAV BAR

13.DeActivating Work Center

14.Changing Work Centers Position

15.WorkCenter Link Group & Second Level Navigation

16.Direct Link Group

17.Search Operation

18.Create Operation

19.Introduction to UI Component

20.Adding MODEL to UI Component

21.Creating Search View

22.Layout of Search View

23.Assigning View To Window

24.Creating Search Event Handler

25.Fetching Data in Event Hnalder

26.Creating Result View

27.Creating ViewSet

28.Custom Controller & Data Binding

29.Changing the Page Title

30.Creating Form View

31.Creating Overview Page

32.Making Table Field as HyperLink

33.Navigation Link Creation

34.Creating Context Node in Custom Controller

35.Little Complex Coding In Event Handler

36.Bread Crumbs

37.First Assignment To Users


39.F4 Help Creation

40.Looking At Data of CL CRM BOL ENTITY in Debugging

41.Basics Of BOL Programming

42.Table View Vs Form View

43.Creating Table View For Line Items With Dependent Context Nodes

44.What It Takes To Reuse a View

45.Reusing View in Another Component

46.Understanding ViewGroupContext

47.Adding Buttons To Overview Page

48.Adding EDIT,CANCEL and SAVE Buttons To Overview Page

49.UI Object Type & Design Object


51.Using Callback Classes For Creating SubObjects For View Configuration

52.Configuration Keys - Discussion

53.Integrating Component Into NAV Bar

54.Reusing View As Pop-Up

55.Value Node Displaying Custom Table On Web UI

56.One Click Actions

57.Displaying Messages

58.Displaying Navigable Messages

59.Enhancing BP Search With Existing Field

60.Enhancing Standard UI Component

61.Tree View