Friday, 24 May 2013


When we tested the component in the previous chapter, we could not see anything on the WEBUI.


Because, we did not assign our view to any window. As discussed, we need to put the view inside a window to make it visible on the web ui. We will do it in the runtime repository.

Open the component and click on RUNTIME REPOSITORY and choose EDIT button. right click on the window and choose the option add view as shown below. 

In the next popup, choose the view that exists in our application and continue. 

Save the runtime repository by pressing on save button. Now our view is assigned to the MAIN WINDOW of our component.

Test the application again by clicking on the button TEST APPLICATION. In the browser window, we can see the output as shown below.

It’s just showing some fields that can be used to search. We cannot perform any search as there are no buttons.
If you click on first drop down list, you will a there are number fields available. Sometimes user does not want to see all this fields in the list. In the next chapter, we will provide such facility with the help of configuration. 


  1. Hi Mannala,
    Please help me.
    I am getting an error on the Search Page:
    the error says: The result type of the function method cannot be converted into the type of %_O2X. type of %_O2X.

    We use CRM 7 ehp 1.

  2. Hello Mannala,

    I Fixed my code. The error is not there anymore.

    Thank you so much for the tutorials.

  3. Hi Mannala,

    I am getting oly an empty page.. I have followed all procedure.. Can u predict what i have missed .

  4. Hi Mannala,

    even i have got the same error
    The result type of the functional method cannot be converted into the type of %_O2X. type of %_O2X in crm web ui

    Please help.


    1. Try with above code.


  5. HI Mannala,

    I am getting error as :Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible while running the application. IN the component everything is activated and there is no error. What can be the issue?


  6. Hi Mannala,
    I did not get any error because I did not create ! :-)

  7. Hello, I have followed your tutorial in every step so far, but here I get this error when I try to TEST the Component: "Access via 'NULL' object reference not possible." (I am using SAP GUI 7.4)

  8. I can't see any fields on the page except the component/view name. Rightmost corner shows a green tick with 1 message saying "This search has no configuration yet". Can you pls. advise what config. may be missing?

  9. Hello all,

    I also get the same error as some of the users above - Null object reference.
    In the browser it says "RABAX_STATE" as type of cancellation.

    The error occurs here: CL_BSP_WD_ADVSEARCH_CONTROLLERCP,
    in line:" lr_qs ?= lv_cnode->collection_wrapper->get_first( )."
    I have proceeded as described above. The only difference is that I took BuilHeaderSearch as BOL-Object (component set: IUICALL).

    Thanks for help,