Friday, 24 May 2013


Let us create Overview Page. As the name suggests , it is used to display the entire information of particular business object.  

a service contract over view page displays information about its header information, status information, line item information, pricing details, action profiles ,partner information ...etc in one single page. this is called overview page. 

Go to the UI component->component structure browser and right click on views and select the option create overview page. 

Give the name to the overview page. 

Save the entries. As already discussed overview page is also a view set. Go to the runtime repository editor. Under the view set node, you can find the Contract Overview. 

Click Edit button and Expand that view set. Right click on view area Overview Page and choose the option add view.

In the next popup, choose the view header and save the runtime repository.

We have successfully assigned the view to the view set.  Next step, we need to assign the view set to the window. Assign this view set ContractOveriView to window ( look at chapter 26 to assign view set to window).

Configuring the overview page:

Go to the configuration tab of over view page. Click on Edit and choose the radio button Overview Page->continue.

In the next step, we can see the headerview available in the available assignment blocks section as we added this view to the over view page. 

Select the view and move it to the displayed assignment blocks section and save the configuration. 

Here we can give the meaningful title to our assignment block in the title column. We can see there are three load options available. 

Direct: if we choose this option, then our view will be displayed always on the overview page along with the content. 

Lazy: our view will be displayed on the overview page. However in order to see the content, we need to click on the expand button on the assignment block. This option will be used where there is a huge content on the view. Instead of displaying the content every time, it provides a choice to the user to see it or not, by improving performance. 

Hidden: if we want not to show the view, then this option will be chosen.

Next part is we need to show some column in the result list view as a hyper link. So when user clicks on that hyper link, he will navigate to the overview page.

Change the over view page title by following the previous tutorial ‘CHANGING THE TITLE OF PAGE’. Go to the over view implementation class and redefine the method IF_BSP_WD_HISTORY_STATE_DESCR~GET_STATE_DESCRIPTION and assign one meaningful name to the return parameter DESCRIPTION. 

Let us create hyperlink first and then navigation in the next chapter.


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  2. Amazing site, where you were one year ago ;-)

    BTW, it will be great to add paragraph how to separate overview page on tabs.

    Short description:
    1. SPRO -> UI Framework -> Regional Layout and Tiles (approx. path) There you can add desired component and overview. Save change.

    2. Go to OV configuration, choose/create configuration, click on Edit, click on «Tiles...»

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    How to naviagte from result view to details overviewpage .??

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