Friday, 24 May 2013


Let us again go to the result view. 

Here we want to make , transaction ID column as a hyper link. When user clicks on any transaction id, he will navigate to the overview page, where he can see that transaction id details. 

Go to the UI component and result view context node.

In order make any field as a hyperlink we need to code in its P GETTER method. P stands for Property. This method is used to change the property of a field. Right click on it and choose generate P getter method. Frame work will generate p getter method . Green symbol indicates that.


Double click on the method and put the following code inside the method and activate it. Here 'objectid' is an event name that will be triggered when user clicks on that hyperlink.

 test the application. we can notice the change in the column ID. each transaction no became as an hyper link.

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  1. Hi Mannala,

    This is really simple explaination which i was looking for,
    But one clarification, after we redefine the get_p method and write the code which you have mentioned, arent we supposed to create an event handler for the same??? in this case EH_ONOBJECTID??? sorry correct me if i am wrong.