Friday, 24 May 2013


As discussed in the previous tutorial, once we navigate from the search page to the overview page, we are not able to come back to the search page. 

In the below screen shot, we can see that back button at top right corner is disabled. So we cannot navigate back to the search screen. 

in daily work scenario, user may visit number transactions. bread crumbs will help him to visit the transactions that had already been visited by him.

Providing this feature is very important to the user. Let us do it. We need to do one line coding and rest will be taken care by WEB CLIENT FRAMEWORK. 

Go the search overview set implementation class and expand the controller initialization and destruction. Right click on the method WD_DESTROY and choose redefine the method. 

Add the following code to the method and activate it. DO NOT FORGET to call the super class method as shown below. 

Now test the application. Perform the search and go to the over view page. We can notice the back button is enabled to come back to the search page again.


1. change the overview page title .
2. forward button is still disabled. In order to enable it follow the same procedure as above in the overview page implementation class. Then both back and forward buttons are enabled. Once you come back to the search page, you can again go to the over view page using forward button. 

Click on it, we can navigate back to the search page.

Where is our Search View?

We can see the result view but what happened to the search view?

Answer is, we forgot to bind the search view context node to the custom controller context node. If you remember correctly, we bind the result view context node to the custom controller’s result context node. This is why data on the result view stayed. We did not bind the search view context node to any custom controller, so we lost the data. That is why we use the custom controllers. We hope now you can get clarity on custom controllers.
 Let us resolve this issue now in the next chapter.


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  2. Fantastic . . Even i have the same issue . .

    Resolved by seeing this post


    1. thanks and glad that this chapter helped you.

  3. I appreciate you to provide the basics of web ui.
    After following from chapter1 to 36, now i know to change the description of this page in which you have mentioned in the task above. But how to enable the forward button in the wd_destroy method?

  4. Hi bro, any body having meterial on badi plz send this mail id

  5. Hi bro, any body having meterial on badi plz send this mail id

  6. Replies
    1. could you please be more specific about the problem.

    2. regarding front navigation( front arrow )

  7. hello bro,
    i am getting below error:

    The following error text was processed in the system:
    View hierarchy is partially damaged

    Exception Class CX_BSP_WD_RUNTIME_ERROR
    Error Name
    Line 47
    Long text -