Friday, 24 May 2013


Treat this chapter as something you need to do it as we have already explained how to create context node at custom controller level and bind the context node from view to the custom controller. 

Let us put steps that we need to follow. 

First we need to create one context node at custom controller level using the entity ‘BTQRSrvCon’. Why we use this entity because we used same entity in the search view. 

Second, we need to create data binding from the context node of search view to the above new context node. 

We strongly recommend that first try it yourself by looking at the chapter ‘Creating context node at custom controller’. Then only look at below content. All steps are same except the entity name. So we will be using only screen shots here. 

First step

Just complete the wizard by pressing continue for all remaining steps. Context node created. 

for data binding :


now test the application, visit the over view page by clicking on hyper link. come back to the search page by clicking on back button. 

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