Friday, 24 May 2013


It is worth to take a look at this most important class. 

Every record in the BOL will be represented by this class CL_CRM_BOL_ENTITY.  We have coded some event handlers so far and we have worked on this class directly or indirectly.
In the business scenario, we may work with contracts, orders, leads, service orders, confirmations and etc…. 

At the WEB UI level, all these business objects information can be represented using this class. This is the flexibility of BOL (Business object layer). There may be 100 of different objects, but we use one single class to represent the information. 

Let us see the data in the debugging.

Place an external break point in the search event handler in the search page. Run the application and carry on the search.

Once break point is triggered, double click on the lr_result. Execute the line no 14 by pressing F6. It is a collection that holds all records. 

Double click on it. This is collection class holds ENTITY LIST, which stores the records. Double click on it.

can see the list of object references. Each reference is type of CL CRM BOL ENTITY. 

Here collection holds 10 records. Double click on any record. We can see the container proxy property as shown. Double click on it. 

You can see the DATA_REF property. Double click on it. You will get following screen.Double click on highlighted part.

In the next screen, we can notice the object name BTQRSrvcon. There is one attribute ATTRIBUTE_REF. double click on it. 

We can see the data now.

We need to traverse a couple of screens to see the data.  This is the flow.
This is how we can see the data of any object. Let us discuss most important methods of this class in the next chapter.

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