Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Open the class that we have created in the chapter UI OBJECT TYPE AND DESIGN OBJECTS.  If you remember, we have assigned this class as a CALLBACK class to the newly created object type as below. It implements the interface IF_BSP_DLC_OBJ_TYPE_CALLBACK. 

Go and place the code shown below and activate the method. 

Based on the UI OBJECT TYPE, we simply adding two new sub objects.  Save and activate the class. Now go to ui component  and any view configuration tab. Click on new configuration . 

Give the UI object type in the object type field and press f4  in the sub object type field. now f4 gives three possible values. One is default and another two are the values that we have defined in the method.

So along with the UI object type, we can define two new configurations using SUBOBJECT1 and SUBOBJECT2.
I just made  one new configuration  with UI OBJECT TYPE and SUBOBJECT1. 

If I want to load this configuration, I need to code as shown below in the do config determination as discussed in the chapter DO CONFIG DETERMINATION

When I test the application. I got below output as per the new configuration. I can also create one more new configuration with UI OBJECT TYPE ZOBJECT _TUT and sub object type SUBOBJECT2. 

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