Friday, 24 May 2013



Discussing organizational management is not part of this tutorial. However in order to understand the concept, we will try to create one ORG model.

Basically, there are three ways by which a user can take the business role in SAP CRM system.
1.       Thorough the organizational assignment.

2.       Directly assigning business roles as values to the profile CRM_UI_PROFILE in parameters tab of the user in the transaction SU01.

3.       Assigning user directly to the authorization profile.

Let’s do the first one.

       Run the transaction PPOCA_CRM and you will get one dialog box, which shows validity periods. click on CONTINUE.

      Enter the organization description as mentioned in the below screen shot and press on SAVE button. 

 Let us create one position in the organization as we generally assign roles to the positions not to the users directly. Users, who are assigned to this position, will take this business role.

    Click on CREATE button and choose the position as below. 

  Enter the short text and description and click on continue. 

  We have created one position in the organization. Then select the position and choose the menu option as highlighted in the below screen shot.

       Select the info type BUSINESS ROLE and click on create button.

      Enter the newly created business role ( in previous tutorial) and click on save.

      We have successfully assigned the role and now we need to assign the user to the position. Right click on position and choose ‘ASSIGN’ and  in the next dialog box choose USER.

       In the next screen shot, give user name in the search term field and choose  start search and select the user and click on ‘right mark’ on every dialogue screen. User will be assigned to the position and click on save.

    We have successfully assigned the user. Now It’s time test the role. Logon to the web ui and give the user name and password and see our new role will be in the list and if it is only role assigned to the user , role will be directly loaded. 


  1. Superb Work dude...

  2. I tried to run the transaction "PROCA_CRM" but received the message: Transaction PROCA_CRM does not exist....

    Does this transaction exist in every CRM system?

  3. u entered wrong TCODE its PPOCA_CRM
    PPOCA_CRM for creating org. model
    PPOMA_crm to edit org. model
    PPOSA_CRM to display org. model

  4. Thank you for the info, it really helps