Friday, 24 May 2013


Here we will try to change the position of work center on navigation bar profile.

In the below navigation bar, we will move SERVICE OPERATIONS work center from last position to second place.

Let us again open the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and click on the ADJUST WORK CENTERS.

The work center with least value will be at top and work center with max value will be at bottom. So observe the values. Here 10 is min. 100 is max. So in order to put the SERVICE OPERATIONS at second assign the value 20 to it and assign the value 110 to WORK LIST to make it appear at BOTTOM level.

Here we can observe the two columns with name WCpos.  One is related to the navigation bar profile and another related to the business role. Which means that the actual position of work center WORK LIST is 20 but for this business role we can change the value to any value. So if we again assign this profile to any another business role, then by default WORK CENTER takes position 20 unless we change it. 

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