Friday, 24 May 2013


CREATE operation:

In the SEARCH tutorial, we searched for business partners based on different selection criteria. Here we will create a new business partner in the CRM webui. This will give us new page types in the CRM, with which, we frequently interact with.  Let us begin.

There are four ways to create business object in CRM depending on the configuration.

1.       Use direct link that is provided in the DIRECT LINK GROUP as shown below. Clicking on this links will take us to the pages, where we can create business objects.  This depends on the configuration of navigation bar profile. 

 1.       On the search page of corresponding business object.

1.       By going to the CREATE group on work center page . 

1.       By clicking on NEW button on the already opened business object page. Like if I open one business partner in the CRM, and then if you want to create one new business partner, you can click on the new button as shown below and can create the new business partner.

So in all above scenarios, we will be taken to the creation page of business object. We can enter required information in the provided fields and save the business object. 

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