Friday, 24 May 2013


A lot of SAP standard business roles have been provided. We just need to modify them according to our needs.
Let’s create SERVICE PROFESSIONAL ROLE and configure that role according to our needs.  Remember, we always copy the existing role into customer name space and do the changes.

Go to the following path in the transaction SPRO.

1.       Enter the transaction SPRO and choose SAP REFERENCE IMG and execute the option as shown in the below screen shot. 

1.       Next screen, will list all available business roles in the system. Select the role service professional and click on copy as shown in the below screen shot.

1.       Give appropriate name for business role (starting letter should be Z or Y).  Here we have given ZSERCLIENT. Do not change any another entry except the description. We need to identify the user later so Change the description and save the entries.

You will receive message ‘Number of copied entries ‘, choose RIGHT MARK.

1.       Service professional role is created now. But it is just a copy of the SAP STANDARD ROLE. Now we need to modify this role according to our requirements.

2.       See the field NAV BAR PROFILE which contains the value SRV-PRO.  It is navigation bar profile and controls the look and functionality of the navigation bar. If we want to change the navigation bar associated to this business role , then we need to modify this navigation bar profile. But as standard practice, we need to copy it to the customer name space with some name,   do the modifications and will assign that new profile to this role. 

3.       There are other fields like functional profile, technical profile, PFCG role id and ROLE CONFIGURATION KEY which are very important to know. We will discuss them later one by one.

Log in to the web ui with the newly created BUSINESS ROLE. But we need to know some basic details on ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT IN CRM. BECAUSE THERE IS MORE THAN ONE WAY TO ASSIGN BUSINESS ROLE TO THE USER. 


  1. Maybe due to different version, I got the message, "Do not assign one PFCG role to multiple business roles". Using following transaction path, I've copied the PFCG role and it worked. Customizing for Customer Relationship Management under UI Framework -> Business Roles -> Define Authorization Role

  2. really they work hard to explain, its very very helpful. thanks a lot

  3. good work... very helpful

  4. Dear Mannala, thanks a lot for the blog - it is really good!
    One question: why cannot we change SAP standard business roles configuration according to our needs? Actually. I think it should work out. :) Thanks in advance!

  5. We do not change SAP Standard business roles because for new consultants creating a logical link for an application may not be that easy. If we change the standard roles the new consultants might fing it hard to understand things. In SAP standard business roles applications are well mapped to their respective pages.

    Anyways, In my opinion there should always be a reference to which we can see and learn.