Friday, 24 May 2013


Let us start with small requirement.

There is work center on the navigation bar CATALOG MANAGEMENT. Users are not using this work center. So business wants to deactivate it.

Changes always are done to the business role together with the NAVIGATION BAR profile.

One navigation bar profile can be assigned to more than one business role. So I want to show one work center on role A and I don’t want to show it on role B. here both role A and B are using same nav bar profile. That’s why changes are specific to role which provides the ability to use same navigation bar profile in different roles. 

So go to the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and open the business role. 

Here we need to adjust the work center. So click on Adjust Work Centers.  It will list all work centers assigned to this profile. 

We just need to select the INACTIVE column for the CATALOGUE MANAGEMENT and save the entries.  Log off from the WEB UI and again log in.

Now that work center won’t be shown. 


  1. This means when the profile is linked to a business role , the linking is not by reference , but a copy of profile is linked to a business role. Please confirm my understanding.

  2. That's what I understood too...

  3. While discussing configuration I don't think we can say about references at all. The configration is just a bunch of entries which spread accross DB tables. This is just a map informing a program which collects this data and "knows" how to properly display certain areas on the screen. Therefore there is no such a term as "reference" in configuration context. References only apply to programming part.