Friday, 24 May 2013


Direct link group will have direct links to create CERTAIN business objects. We can configure these links in as per out requirements. Clicking on these links will lead us to the CREATION pages of corresponding business objects.

If we click on SERVICE CONTRACT, then we will be taken to the SERVICE CONTRACT page. Same applies for SERVICE ORDER.

Direct link group will be assigned to the navigation bar.

Go the transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS and select the required navigation bar profile and click on Assign Direct Link Groups to Nav. Bar Profile.
It will list the direct link group ids. 

You can see the group name SRV-CREATE. We will have separate work for REC_ITEMS.  To see the links in that group. Double  click on Assign Links To Direct Link Group and give the group id in the next dialog box. 

We can there are lot logical links assigned to this group.

Then why we are able to see only two logical links on the WEB UI. ?

Because again these links will be controlled at business role level. To see the go to the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and select the required business role and click on Adjust Direct Link Groups and select the group id SRV-CREATE and again click on Adjust Direct Links

We can see there are two check boxes are marked in the column VISIBLE. That’s why we are able to see only two links. This is how we can control the direct link groups.

This is the correct place to have word about RECENT ITEMS.  This is a special group but it does not have any logical links. The links will automatically appear here when you visit any business object.

If we want to use the RECENT ITEMS concept here, then this group REC_ITEMS should be added to the navigation bar profile under DIRECT LINK GROUPS category. If you remove the entry from here, then you won’t see the recent items on the WEB UI.


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