Friday, 24 May 2013


As We did changes to the Business role by copying standard business role, same way we need to copy any existing navigation bar profile into customer name space and we need to do adjust the navigation bar profile according to our requirements. Follow the business role documents before following this document.

Let us copy the navigation bar profile of service professional business role. So open the business role transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and identify the service professional role and find out the navigation bar profile associated with it. It will look like the below screen shot. 

Open the SRV-PRO navigation bar profile in the transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS. Select the navigation bar profile and click on the copy button as shown in the screen shot.

In the next screen, change the nav bar name and press Enter button. In the next dialog box choose COPY ALL ENTRIES.

Press SAVE button in the next screen.

We have copied successfully navigation bar profile. This should be the first step and now we can change the navigation bar profile according to our requirements.

In order to use the newly copied profile, assign this navigation bar profile to the business role that we created in the previous documents. Go to the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and change the navigation bar profile and save it. 

You can log in with the business role. However we won’t notice any change as we just copied the profile but did not change anything in it. we will do it in the next document. 

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