Friday, 24 May 2013


As we studied in the previous lesson 7, there is certain hierarchy followed in making the navigation bar profile.

Logical links form the base of the navigation bar profile. If we want to navigate to any page in the WEB UI, we need logical links. These links tell the system about the navigation destination. So first we will create logical links in the system.

For example, I created three logical links named A, B and C.
Depending on the requirement like where we want to show this links, we follow the certain flow.

1.       We want the link appear on work center link group.

So we will add our link to the required work center link group and this work center link group will be assigned to the work center and work center will be assigned to the navigation bar.

2.       We want the link appear on direct link group.

So we will add our link to the direct link group and this direct link group will be added to the navigation bar profile.

Finally navigation profile will be added to the business role. We can control the navigation bar customizing at business role level.

Customizing generally involves changing the position of work centers, adding extra logical links to second level navigation or to work center link group on the work center page and deactivating certain work centers.  This small explanation is actually required to understand the process of customizing the navigation bar. We will see all this requirements in detail in the next chapters.


  1. please give some example for creating link and navigate it.

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