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In order to customize, it is very important to identify the correct logical link or correct work center link group or even correct navigation bar profile.

What is the first step?

First we need to identify the navigation bar profile which is associated with the business role with which we logged in to the web client.

How to do that?

See the business role with which you logged in and go to the transaction code CRMC_UI_PROFILE or use the below SPRO path.

Path in SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework-> Business Roles-> Define Business Role.

Here I am choosing the service professional role.

go to the transaction and look for the above mentioned role in the SAP GUI. After finding the role just double click on it.

We can see the value for the field navigation bar profile SRV-PRO. This is the navigation bar profile associated with the business role. First step is completed.

Then execute the transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS to see the entries in the navigation bar profile SRV-PRO. 

Let us see the work centers assigned to this navigation bar profile. Select the profile and click on Assign Work Centers To Navigation Bar Profile. You can see the work centers associated to the profile. You can also see the work centers and their positions and title of the work center. If we observe the position of the HOME work center, we can notice that its position is 10 and 10 is the least among all other positions that’s why it appear at top of the navigation bar on the WEB UI. 

Let us take one logical link on the work center page and see the process to find out the same in GUI.

Here SERVICE CONTRACT is logical link on the work center page. It is located on CREATE group as highlighted in the screen shot. 

1.       We used service professional role to log in so we need to find out what is the navigation bar profile associated with service professional role.

We have already done this step above. It is SRV-PRO.

2.       We are on the work center page.  So what is the work center on which we clicked to navigate to this page?
We have clicked on SERVICE CONTRACTS work center on navigation bar. So we need to look at the all work centers assigned to navigation bar profile.

Yes, we found the service contracts work center SRV-CONTR.

1.       Now we need to look at, what are work center link groups assigned to this work center?

Take the work center SRV-CONTR and double click on Define Work Centers. Click on position and give it and click on right mark.

We have found that work center entry. Select that row and double click on Assign Work Center Link Groups To Work Center.

We have found the work center link groups assigned to the work center. 

Here there are various group ids. We need to look at the group which is service contract and group should CREATE group as our logical link is under CREATE group. So first option is highlighted on the screen.

So work center link group is SRV-CTR-CR.

1.       We need to find out the logical links associated with the SRV-CTR-CR. Double click on Define Work Center Link Groups and find out the group id SRV-CTR-CR. 

1.       Select that record and double click on Assign Links To Work Center Link Group

1.       We can find the logical link in the list.

This is nothing but the logical link of service contract which we tried to find out. 

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