Friday, 24 May 2013



Let us log into the WEB UI. There are two general ways to open the log in screen of SAP CRM. 

   Go to the SAP GUI

   Give the transaction CRM_UI and press ENTER.
   You will be directly taken to the log in screen.
   If this does not work means you are using older versions of CRM.
  Go to the SAP GUI.

Enter the transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB (stands for BUSINESS SERVER PAGES – WEB DYNPRO-COMPONENT WORKBENCH). This will open the below screen shot. 



  If you see another field with name ENHANCEMENT set, just click on button as highlighted in the screen shot. We will discuss ENHANCEMENT later.

Give the name ‘CRM_UI_FRAME’ in the component field.

Click on EXECUTE button in the top.         

This will take you directly to the login screen.

Add this link as  favorite in the browser so that you can access it directly from next time onwards. 

  • Provide USERNAME and PASSWORD and click on LOG ON  this will take you to another screen where you will be asked to select any business role. 

    Just choose any role , you will be taken to the HOME page of that business role. Here I have chosen SERVICE PROFESSIONAL ROLE . So I navigated to the following page. 

    Log in is completed. The page will have different parts according the role that you chose in the previous step.
    Let us identify the various parts of the page in the next tutorial. 


  1. Excellent effort. I am going to share this with all my colleagues.

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  3. This is the Best SAP CRM Technical Tutorial in the Internet... Thank you very much .... I have been searching this type of tutorial for past 1 month. finally found... Thanks Author!!!


  4. ...absolutely good!! Thanks guys!

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  6. hi i am new in sap crm. Recently I have installed sap crm 7 ides. But whenever i try to connect web ui from gui, i couldn't do that. the place designated for user and password is not activated in sap web application server screen. what should i do? pls help me................

  7. For OLDER VERSIONS, there's way to create a FAVORITE.

    -> Right click on favorites (seen with folder icon)
    -> choose 'Add other objects'
    -> choose 'BSP application' (dont choose CRM BSP application)
    -> you will see a pop-up to enter 'BSP application' and start page
    -> choose 'CRM_UI_FRAME' for BSP application
    -> choose 'default.htm' for start page
    -> click 'OK'
    -> now, clicking on the favorite one can launch web-ui/client