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Business Role is the key player in the web client frame work. It will decide what can appear on the screen.

Navigation bar is controlled by Navigation Bar Profile and this profile will be assigned to the Business role. So if user logs into the WEBCLIENT with a particular business role, then the navigation bar which is associated with this business role will be loaded.

Let us take a look at screens where navigation bar can be customized.

Transaction Code: CRMC_UI_NBLINKS

Path in SPRO -> Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework->Technical Role Definition->Define Navigation Bar Profile

Execute the Transaction directly or go to the SPRO transaction in the above mentioned path and click on Execute button. 

All highlighted options are navigation bar profiles. You can scroll down and up to see more profiles. We need to know a little about the options which are in left panel. Double click on first option logical links and you will see all logical links in the right panel as highlighted in the below mentioned screen shot.

How they look on the WEB UI.

Next click on DEFINE WORK CENTER LINK GROUPS. You can locate work center link groups on web ui on WORK CENTER Page.

What is work center page?

The page, to which you can navigate, by clicking on work center in the navigation bar (first level navigation). 

Here we clicked on the work center SERVICE CONTRACTS on navigation bar and navigated to the work center page.

Where can we see WORK CENTER LINK GROUPS on WEB UI? 

You can find three groups here under which certain logical links are grouped. These groups are called work center link groups means group of logical links which present on the work center page. There are three groups available as shown in the screen shot CREATE group, REPORTS group and SEARCH group.

Next work center, we have already discussed work centers. Here is the screen shot to show work center on the web ui. 

Next double click on the option Define Direct Link Groups. You can see the all groups.

Where can to find direct link groups on the web ui.

Highlighted part is called direct link group. Clicking on this links will make you navigate to creation pages of corresponding objects. Say if we click on Opportunity, We will be taken to opportunity creation screen. 

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  1. I am aware that we can have direct links for the CREATE functionality. I wanted a clarification on if we can have direct link group for the SEARCH functionality as well.