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Search is the most frequently used operation on WEB UI. In order to open any business object like business partner, contracts, orders, opportunities, leads ….etc. We need to search them in the CRM system. We can use different selection criteria to search any information.

We want to change first name of business partner x. then first thing we need to do is search for that business partner X in CRM. CRM WEB UI offers flexible and convenient ways to search any business object.

Every business object can be found by its corresponding SEARCH page. Here we will show one small example how search works. Search page will look like below and we can navigate to it in two ways.

1.       By clicking on second level navigation link on navigation bar.
2.       By going to first to work center page and then again click on specific link in the SEARCH group.

Kindly see the below screen shots.
First way

Second way, first click on work center accounts & products , then click on accounts. 

Here is the search page , which we use, to search any business partners. See the points for highlighted areas. 

 We can use user name, role, account id, country….etc. fields. Business partners list will be retrieved when we press on SEARCH button based on the selection criteria that we used . Now I want to search all business partners whose country is USA.

 Simply go to the COUNTRY field and press F4 button.

We will get one pop up screen, select the entry US. Now you can see the value US in the country filed. Click on the button SERACH. All business partners will be retrieved from CRM , whose country is USA. Check the below screen shot. 

 Here you can see every record has a value USA for column COUNTRY. If you observe, here only 9 records are showing on the first screen. We need to click on no 2 or FORWARD to see the next 9 records.
One more important point is we got only 100 business partners as a result. It does not mean that CRM is having only 100 partners whose country is USA. We got 100 because; in the field MAXIMUM NUMBER of RECORDS we specified 100. We can specify any number here and search result size will be restricted to that number.
If we don’t specify any number, then all business partners, which will meet the specified criteria, will be fetched by the system.

Does the search can be made only six fields as shown in the screen?
Answer is NO.

Click on the drop down on any search field, we can see all available fields that can be used as part of search criteria will be shown. We can select any field and specify the criteria in the value field.

How to execute below search.
 Find business partners who first name starts with P letter and who country is either USA or INDIA?
See the below screen shot,

First we need two fields on screen. One is country and another one is FIRST NAME.

Choose the first name option in the drop down as shown in the screen shot. 

Same way choose the country field. Now the screen will look like below. 

But we have two values to enter for COUNTRY. So click on + mark next to the COUNTRY FIELD to bring one more COUNTRY field so that we can specify our criteria. 

Our final selection criteria will look like this. Here condition will look like in ABAP.

Just for understanding purpose.

 SELECT * PATNERS FROM (DBTABLE) WHERE (country = IN or country = US) AND first name LIKE ‘p%’.

Here important point is that two different fields on search criteria forms an AND condition and more than one same fields forms OR condition.
P* means, all strings who will start with letter p and remaining string can be anything. If we specify *p, all strings whose last letter is P, will match.


  1. I Want to sort search criteria fields

  2. Hello Brahmaiah.

    If u want to sort search criteria in particular BSP component.

    Go to your BSP component and open with enhancement set,
    You need to write sort condition code in GET_V method, and access(ex: get_current) code will write in GET_I method in your ATTRIBUTES of particular view..

    then it will effect in Web UI.

    Siva R.