Friday, 24 May 2013


Read the document titled IDENTIFYING LOGICAL LINK before reading this document.

There is a close relation between second level navigation logical links and the logical links present on the work center link group.  Generally we add logical links to WORK CENTER LINK GROUP. At business role level we can control them. We can add them to the second level navigation else we can make them appear on the work center page or even we can show them on both places.

Let us observe the work center link group SEARCH on the SERVICE operations work center page and look at the activities logical link. The first one. 

 Go to the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and click on ADJUST WORK CENTERS to know the work center id of SERVICE OPERATIONS

Next to we need to know what the work center link group is assigned to this work center.  Here we will look for search group as our logical link appearing on the search group on the screen.

Go to the transaction CRMC_UI_NBLINKS and click on the DEFINE WORK CETNERS and identify the work center SRV-OPERAT and click on Assign Work Center Link Groups to Work Center.

It will list all work center link groups assigned to this WORK CENTER. Here we are looking at activity so try to pick out the activity group. 

We have found two activity groups but we will look at only search group. Note down the SRV-ACT-SR. here SR stands for search and CR stands for CREATE.

Again double click on Define Work Center Link Groups and find out the group id SRV-ACT-SR and double click on Assign Links To Work Center Link Group to know the logical links assigned to this group. 

Here we can see the last one is the one we want. Note down the logical link SRV-ACT-SR.

So now we have WORK CETNER, WORK CETNER LINK GROUP and LOGICAL LINK. Again to the transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE and select the required business role and double click on Adjust Work Center Group Links. Click on the button POSITION at the bottom in right panel and give the details we found. 

An entry will be show in the table.

Here observe the entries and we can note that here there are two columns named IN MENU and VISIBLE.
When check the first check box IN MENU, that particular logical link, will appear in the second level navigation menu.

If we check the second one VISIBLE, it also appears on the work center page under the work center link group.

Here for this link, both check boxes are checked.  So it must appear at both places. 

If you uncheck the first check box, then it will disappear from the second level menu. If uncheck the visible then it will disappear from the SEARCH group on WORK CENTER PAGE.

This is how we control the second level and work center link groups. 


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