Saturday, 13 December 2014


Sometimes, it is necessary to respond to an event which is actually defined in some other component. it is very common scenario in SAP CRM WEBUI framework to use one component in another components.

DO_FINISH_INPUT method helps us to respond to those events which are defined in another components.
If you observe, it has got one parameter GLOBAL EVENT. This parameter will give you the event that has been triggered in another component. EX: I want to set one variable in the BP_HEAD overview class.
However, I want to set this variable only when certain event is raised in the BP_DATA component. Here BP_DATA has been reused in the BP_HEAD component.

We can place a break point in the method and after raising the event, we can know the value of GLOBAL EVENT. once we know the value, Redefine the method. Make a call to the super class as usually. After you can put your custom logic.

This is kind of tip. So I did not put screen shots. I hope this helps you. Thanks.

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